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“We're innovative yet practical”


We believe in the creative use of research in order to solve problems, develop insights and connect with customers


We possess the experience and expertise to work with you to develop ultramodern perspectives.


iso standards

We guide you towards attaining ISO certification through training and consultancy



We help you achieve brilliance by providing customized training to your staff



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About Quadz Consulting

Quadz Consulting Ltd is an ingenious consulting firm that specializes in Research and Surveys , ISO Standards , Strategic Development , and Trainings. We strive to empower forward thinking businesses and organizations through our innovative yet practical solutions.


Quadz Consulting Ltd is a group of immensely accomplished and practiced specialists who pride themselves on delivering high quality work while maintaining a free-spirited culture, progressive style and exceptional personal service



Request for Training

Quadz Consulting Limited offers customised trainings for organisations. We strive to understand your objectives, identify the training gaps and through our extensive pool of highly qualified consultants, we design bespoke training courses.


Call us today and let us together solve your skills gap by designing the preferred course to improve your organisation's productivity